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You can message me anytime you have questions about STEAM or if you would like to make a donation of supplies to our program!

Our Coding Programs

"(Kodable) focuses on excellent instruction with group and independent practice activities that build creativity, communication, and collaboration.

 Babble Dabble Do

Explore Art, Design, Science, & Engineering



Donors Choose Project WAS FUNDED!
Please donate today

Gratitude for you!

Thank you to the donors who came through and contributed to my Donor's Choose Project, "Tech Vehicles of the Future!" We made our goal and are ready to roll out the spheros in the Fall 2020. Thank you for continuing to support our STEAM program and the future we are building together!

5th Grade Design Challenge

Find Some lessons below:


Studio 401's

iphone/ipad tripod

Occulus VR

drying rack


origami paper

ribbon rolls

Washi & Duct Tapes

STEAM Websites
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"Programming is magic. It's the ability to create things from pure imagination. We started CodeCombat to give learners the feeling of wizardly power at their fingertips by using typed code.

As it turns out, that enables them to learn faster too. WAY faster. It's like having a conversation instead of reading a manual. We want to bring that conversation to every school and to every student, because everyone should have the chance to learn the magic of programming."

IP page codecombat

Ms. Cline's
Ms. Cline's

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Innovative Plan

Year 2 innovative plan

Ruby Bridges is in Year 3

of our Innovative Plan implementation.

Read Our Plan

Girls In Technology

pretty brainy
Pretty Brainy is a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit organization. We don’t just throw around the word empowerment, but authentically empower girls by recognizing them as the thinkers, problem-solvers, leaders, and innovators who are and will continue to make the world a better place.