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Saving an article to your Google Drive:

First login to your Google account.  After you log into Britannica to save an article, you then have to click on the printer. Then change the printer choice to Google Drive. 

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Ruby Bridges Elementary School's Library Mission Statement

The mission of our library is to support the school's curriculum by giving our diverse staff and students access to information in a variety of formats: to help educate them into becoming skilled information users; to help support the creation of life-long learners by fostering a love of reading, teaching age-appropriate computer skills and helping students develop information literacy skills; and to provide a warm welcoming environment, that celebrates and encourages the working and learning of all of our students.


Welcome to our Library!

We have a  new computer lab with 32 chromeboxes and a library that currently houses over 13,000 titles. Every class visits us once a week and every grade checks out books, listens and learns about stories and the library. Then, in the computer lab, they learn the basics of internet safety, research skills, and computer science. Kindergarten and first grades check out one book a week and use them in their classroom. Students in grades 2 through 5 are allowed to take their library books home.

I am open almost every day after school for about 20 minutes so students can check out books, many parents use that time to read a book or two to their children. During book fair weeks the library is temporarily closed while the fair is open. At that time families can find many affordable, interesting books to purchase for their homes.

I currently hold two book fairs a year in order to put more books in our students' hands. Proceeds from the book fairs buy books for the library and the classrooms. So far, our twenty book fairs have allowed us to purchase over $84,000.00 worth of books for our school! Keep an eye out for the next fair!

Susan Jones-Szabo
Teacher Librarian


A Teacher Librarian is:

a teacher of information literacy, research, digital citizenship, and technology skills

an instructional partner who collaborates with other teachers to integrate technology and literature into classroom lessons

an information specialist who develops a base of digital and print resources to support the school's curriculum and promote a life-long love of reading

a program manager who creates an inviting atmosphere, manages funds, and provides dynamic library program.

Library Catalog Link

book-search  Click here to go to our library catalog and find links to various educational web sites.

Once you are on the catalog page, if you click on the tab titled webpath express you can find kid friendly research sites.

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Need directions on how to use the WebPath search engine?

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Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational


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