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General Educational Sites

What is Covid? A flocab video
Flocab with questions
A video set to rap music about the virus



 Starfall is a fun site for beginning readers

Great Science Site

National Geographic Kids

Useful Library and Research Links

Educational Games

                                                                   ABC Ya

Hour of Code and Code units

Coding sites




Angry Birds              starwars
studio code
minecraft   hour of code
  code combat

What are the technical requirements for CodeCombat?

CodeCombat runs best on computers with at least 4GB of RAM, on a modern browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Chromebooks with less RAM may have minor graphics issues in later courses.

We do not currently support iPads or Android Tablets at this time.

 Books and Author sites

Great stories being read online
Best Podcasts for Kids
 A curated selection of podcasts by Common Sense Media
A selection of podcasts for all ages, curated by Common Sense Media
Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss - click on the picture above boy with books

Scholastic Books Site Tons of stuff about the latest kids books, from games to videos to plot summaries.



       hat book

Jan Brett has tons of stuff to do on her web site - click on the picture of The Hat above

International Children's Digital Reading Library

Books can take you anywhere

Read books from around the world in many different languages.

Wacky Web Tales - madlib style

Dobit s Picks