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We know that supporting your children in an online learning environment may be daunting. Most of our families have not been trained as teachers; many may not be comfortable using online tools. Many others may be trying to figure out how to also fulfill their own professional responsibilities at a time when most workers are being asked to telecommute or being asked to continue to be present at work during these uncertain times. We find comfort and hope in knowing that we are in this together to help keep our Ruby Stars to shining and thriving. 

Distance Learning

2020-21 Instructional Model:
Student ZOOM Expectations
  1. Position your computer on a stable flat surface away from distractions.
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Remember that Zoom sessions are for enrolled students only.
  4. Access Zoom meetings through Google Classroom 5 minutes before scheduled start time.
  5. Enter with camera on, using your ausdg Google account names/identification.
  6. Present an appropriate background.
  7. Remain seated and muted.
  8. Raise electronic hands to verbally participate.
  9. Be responsible by keeping your focus on using your time and tools on learning.
  10. Use appropriate language.
  11. Use the chat as directed by the teacher.
  12. Be an active, respectful participant in breakout rooms.
  13. No photographing, recording and/or taking screenshots during Zoom sessions.
  14. Remain in class until dismissed.
  15. Follow teacher established procedures for Zoom tech problems.
Click the blue circle above to learn more from the AUSD Guide 2020-21.
Remote & Flexible Programs

In 2020-21 we will be offering two instructional programs: Remote and Flexible. 

The Remote Program is for students who may not be able to return to in-class instruction in the fall. The coursework will be primarily “asynchronous” (or independent) and done at the student’s own pace using Acellus, an online curriculum. Teachers will work as “case managers” of students’ instruction and will work with students one to one or in small groups, and a parent/guardian will work collaboratively as a "Learning Coach" with the teachers to support their students. Students remain enrolled in their home school.

The Flexible Program will allow students to return to school as soon as it is safe. Content is delivered by the teacher synchronously, students practice skills and/or complete projects asynchronously using core district curriculum, zoom, and google classroom

Regardless of program, our team of teachers and staff will work diligently to provide continued connection to ALL of our Ruby Stars. These two programs will allow us to deepen our support and practices to ensure we make the most of our time with students.

Google Classroom Student Access
Google Classroom
Please check in with your teacher for their specific google classroom code. Your child should be accessing the Google Classroom daily for their Online Learning Opportunities. There is also info from your teacher about Zoom meetings and office hours for home support. Please reach your teacher through email or ParentSquare.
Family TECH support hub