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"Founded in 1977, the Alameda Food Bank is a non-profit organization that helps Alameda residents in need by providing nourishing food in a compassionate and respectful manner with the support of dedicated volunteers and local partners."
"The All Good Living Foundation has a mission. We want to help our most vulnerable children of the Bay Area in need, as it is our belief that no child should go without. These issues are prevalent and affecting more families than most people realize. It is our goal to provide the basic necessities that are in desperate need. It’s time to be aware and join us in our efforts. We believe in the power of uniting a community and working together."
"Alameda Family Services began in 1970 as a teen hotline and has evolved into an agency whose mission “to improve the emotional, psychological and physical health of children, youth and families” accomplished through accessible, affordable programs."

Community Partnerships

Our community partnerships are a vital part of the Ruby Bridges Elementary success story! Ruby Bridges Elementary is thrilled to have the support of many Alameda organizations. These connections, collaborative projects, and longtime relationships truly advance our school’s learning goals while helping us provide Whole-Child education to every STAR student! Thank you to these fantastic organizations and their ongoing supports. 

"APC provides a wide range of support services to families and individuals who live in our community. Our goal is to provide our residents with the tools and resources that they need to lead stable, fulfilling lives."


"We center the needs of local social service partners and churches by letting...Sweat equity = Working with our hands, heart, and sweat to invest in our communities."
"The mission of the Alameda Education Foundation is to engage the community, raise funds, and coordinate programs to support and enhance the quality of K-12 public education in Alameda."
alameda bright coalition

Alameda Bright Coalition (A.B.C.) was formed in 2018, through efforts by Ms. Cline, ASTI Principal Corbally, and FabLab Lead Miguel Vega. This partnership was born out of a desire to provide Ruby STEAM Stars with a solid trajectory through their AUSD career, TK-12 and beyond.

In 2019, Wood Principal Harris joined our coalition to bridge the crucial connection between primary and secondary education. A.B.C. is rooted in its mission to provide ALL of our students with equitable opportunities for academic advancement through the STEAM lens.

The cross-schools collaboration shines best at our school events, during outreach opportunities, and in multi-level student interactions across campuses. We are deeply proud of this one-of-a-kind Alameda partnership!

"Wood Middle School's goal is to prepare students through rigorous and relevant content with an arts and sciences integration to be productive and successful citizens by developing both a strong work ethic and the critical thinking skills needed to solve problems in the real world."
"ASTI will ensure ALL students, especially those who are underrepresented, are provided the resources to attain a college degree from the institution of their choice and become responsible, proactive, and empowered global citizens with a life-long love of learning."
"Fab Labs offer the opportunity to dream, design, and refine ideas. One can come in and experiment for fun, or work towards developing a fully fledged product. At the CoA Fab Lab, our goal is to offer a communal space for people to make, to share, and to benefit from their work."